We aim to empower the community in Hawaii to use food as a tool to connect with each other and heal the world.
We believe that our food choices as individuals and communities are our greatest opportunity to make a positive impact.

How We Do It:

The Good Food Movement shares the contagious power of health and joy through a solutions-oriented approach.
We achieve our mission with the perspective that changing the world can, and should be, fun.

What We Do:

  • We encourage people and organizations to make food choices that align with their values

  • We organize fun events such as film screenings, inspiring talks, cooking workshops, and more!

  • We partner with local stakeholders to foster community cohesion

  • We create and share resources to help people make better food choices


We have a dream that food systems regenerate life and promote balance in nature.

Organic farms and community gardens instead of factory farms.

People choosing local, sustainable, ethical food rather than convenient or cheap food.

An evolved culture of collaboration and cooperation.

Sharing food in public spaces.

Building a network of farmers, restaurant owners and entrepreneurs committed to good food.

Thriving local businesses and economy so money stays in the hands of local people.

A peaceful world with reverence for all life, in which every being can thrive.

All children are nourished with real, whole food.

Animals are cared for and seen as the sentient, intelligent beings that they are.

We honor the inherent value of life more than our attachment to tradition.

Eating with mindfulness and gratitude for the gift of food.


The Good Food Movement is committed to cultivating a strong community around healing the food system through conscious food choices.
We are a group of young friends that strive to live joyfully, authentically and in alignment with our values, while inspiring others to do the same.

We are dedicated to preserving the beauty of Mother Earth, living in harmony with nature, and protecting the living beings we share this planet with.

Our inspiration comes from the resilience of nature and from the ingenuity of the human spirit. We invest our time and energy into co-creating Beloved Community. We believe in people to make intentional choices that reflect the inherent good of humanity.

We own our power as co-creators to be the change we wish to see in the world.

Good Food defined

Good: virtuous, kind, regenerative

Food: that which nourishes us to grow life & maintain health

Movement: a group of people working together to advance their shared ideas

Good food is grown, processed, distributed, bought & consumed in an intentional way – one that is in harmony with nature, that causes the least harm to living beings, that nourishes our bodies, and adds value to our communities. Food connects us all to each other and our environment.

We support the vegan lifestyle, local food production, organic, and beyond organic farming practices. We believe that community-scale, sustainable farming can and will feed the world. We recognize that individuals and communities have the power to co-create conscious culture rooted in a values-based food system.